11 new Siri tricks for IOS 10

11 New Siri tricks for IOS 10

Siri is iPhone voice assistant application which handles apple and non-Apple applications. Which will be now baked into MacBook or iMac. Basically, in iOS10, Apple opened Siri to third party developers which provided them an opportunity to control applications through voice.

Few Siri tricks and techs which you must try out with your IOS 10

Setting up your regular activity things like checking out with a reminder or an Alarm. You can simply ask your Siri to set up your alarm for the day along with the time.

Saving up your Pin over Pinterest, just asking your Siri to pin out your favorite food from Healthy stuff section.

Catching up for your professional network by asking Siri to message your Linkedin friend Paul to have a Skype meeting today at 9.

To text your colleague on her birthday over Facebook Messenger. To grab an extra treat at office..

To find up the desired photo from your photo Roll in just seconds by asking your Siri to find out the last photo took at the day you want.

When in hurry you can even ask Siri to book up a table for you by using certain application with all your dinning and other desire details.

Even your phone can help you up with a ride for you, as actually your device can take you for a ride by booking it on your behalf. Just ask Siri to book up your ride through your current location by cab booking applications like Uber.

When you are cooking and want your Apple TV to play your desired series just ask your Siri to go and search over Youtube. Anything you like news, sports, movies, serials etc.

Now sending money to your friend would be really easy much more than a click you don’t need to click, this time because just by your voice command Siri, on your behalf will transfer the required amount to your friend instantly. You don’t require to remember all things this time, let Siri help you.

Not only this, you want to instant message your friend through any social app Whatsapp, Skype, Wechat, Viber ? Siri can instantly help you out with this, just let Siri know that Text Edward over Skype for the pdf. And Siri does that.

Siri played a major role over finding the best Movie of your choice. You can really find out your desired movie just by asking your Siri to go the following category and search, no need to scroll by your hands and checkout. Siri does all by just your voice command.

Basically, whatever physical activity you are doing you can always remain connected to your phone your MacBook or iMac just by this application Siri. It will make your world so small and right that you don’t even need to depend on your own hands as well. What you require is to ask Siri and yes Siri will help you out with the things.

We can really say such innovations are made to make life better!

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