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At WpAppDev, we have the country’s top-class iOS developers who have dedicated their lives to the creation of beautiful, functional, and innovative apps. They follow Apple like a religion and know about the developments at Apple to the tiniest detail. Their experience allows them to create the most astounding apps that remain their own testimony. And now, you can hire our expert iOS developers at hourly basis!

iPad App Developers

The development of iOS apps for iPads is slightly different and conceivably a little more complex than that for iPhones. Not only is the screen size different, but also the user interface guidelines differ from iPhones. To understand these deviations and to use them to their full potential, a programmer needs thorough learning and experience with the iOS platform; both of which you will find in ample quantities at WpAppDev. The developers at WpAppDev have proved their competence time and again. Our team of experts that deals with iPad app development is a group of technology enthusiasts who undertake every project with great vigour and exert themselves to creating a masterpiece every single time. We incorporate such development processes that have been testified over time and have satisfied our customers over the years. Our approach is centered around business profiteering and user interest in order to give you maximum returns for your investment. Come talk to us about your ideas. It costs nothing and maybe, like the rest of our clients, you will see what our team is capable of. It will be the start of a journey!

iPad in Business

The iOS platform is a versatile medium which is capable of giving your business an incisive quality that will resonate with a large customer base. iOS features like Extensions, iBeacon, etc add immensely to the productivity and output of businesses.
These extraordinary features have immense power when it comes to smooth running of businesses. And to leverage this power, you need to move to the iPad because the small screen cannot fully do justice to these features.

Why Choose Us?

  • A team of dedicated experts for iPad App Development.
  • Competitive and affordable prices.
  • Team members with years of experience in developing iOS apps.
  • Complete service from designing, strategizing, business analysis, to programming and app launching.
  • Customer centric approach to maximize business.
  • We maintain confidentiality of business along with signing an NDA.
  • Our Team is dedicatedly working to develop out of the box and innovative iPad Application.
  • We develop bug free and robust iPad applications only.
  • Our team is expert in learning latest development in technology and that’s why we work on every updated feature that makes your App extraordinary.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Here are some of the solutions provided by WpAppDev:

  • iPhone Application Development
  • iPad Application Development
  • Hiring of iOS developers on hourly, part-time and full-time basis
  • Mobile Application Testing Solutions
  • Hybrid Application Development
A. We have a team of passionate professionals varying in their specializations, but all of them committed to creating products that will satisfy the customer’s every need. Our team consists not only of expert programmers, but also business analysts and strategists who work hard to ensure that your app gets an edge over others.
A. Yes! We do! We are a group of technology enthusiasts who focus more on creating innovative ideas and products, rather than worrying about glory. We are more than okay with signing a Nondisclosure Agreement with you while we work to meet your need behind the stage.

Great! We will be happy to answer them all for you. You can call, email, or come by our office and we can talk extensively about your ideas and our business patterns. Here’s where you’ll find us:

WAD 410, Fortune Aura, Gurmeet Nagar
Indore MP India

Email: sales@wpappdeveloper.com