Mobile App Testing


We work on real user feedback to test everything including wireframe sketches, hi-fidelity prototypes, unreleased beta apps, unreleased versions, app store pages, and current release.


The twenty first century can very well be marked as the era of mobile devices and applications. There are more apps on app stores than a user can ever need or want. Hundreds of apps exist on virtually every idea you can imagine. The fight, therefore, is to capture user attention amid the throng of applications that grapple for space on the user’s device. Apps with even the littlest bugs, spelling mistakes, and inconsistencies can easily lose the user’s interest, and thus, testing of mobile apps becomes a vital step for quality assurance of the software product.
WpAppDev provides you with testing solutions that minutely check the app for every possible loophole so that your customers may have the best user experience without any hindrance. Automated tests cut the testing time short by automatically performing tests repeatedly. This saves valuable time and reduces the cost of the testing process.
Our testing systems are such that no nook or cranny of the code, design, content, etc of your app remains unchecked for any errors. We strive to provide you the best testing solutions to keep you in good faith with your customers by assuring great quality of product. As a result, the user experience is rich and the users keep returning to you for more.

Manual Testing

  • Functional testing
  • Cross platform testing
  • Interrupt testing
  • Integration testing
  • Exploratory testing
  • Localization testing
  • Usability testing
  • Security testing

Automation testing

  • Tool selection
  • Define automation strategy
  • Writing test scripts
  • Developing the test suites
  • Execution of scripts
  • Identifying any potential bug or performance issues
  • Reporting

Performance Testing

  • Tool selection
  • Performance environment planning
  • Workload analysis and designing test scenarios
  • Record and run the scripts
  • Test execution
  • Analyzing the bottlenecks
  • Reporting

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Some of the most important features that get tested during the Testing process are:

  • Optimizing support for both landscape and portrait modes
  • Stability in functioning of application under stress or heavy load
  • Recovery of vital data in case of failure
  • Easy installation and uninstallation processes
  • Optimized use of power and heating avoidance