Mobile Application Development Mistakes That Can Destroy Your App

Mobile Application Development Mistakes

When it comes to a breakthrough idea the major concentration goes to the mobile application developers. It is the latest trend and paving the current scenario with new and exciting business ideas. However, at some point of time it seems to be confusing and frustrating. Web application, not just about the development, but also about the implementation and market launch. A major role is played by the consumers when it comes to any application development. We really need to potentially realize the pros and cons of mobile application. There are few points which we must keep in mind to avoid development mistakes:

Monotonous User Experience:

Messy designs must be avoided. UI design feels as a first impression to the user, the more clear, the more specific, the more approaching it could be. While a bad interface will result over a bad impact and putting up a negative view of application and the organization. Easily accessible applications are favorable. Excess use of flash, videos, graphics, animations and images must be avoided as it hampers the speed of application and also makes it bulky and increases loading time.

Launching Platform Decision:

IOS, Android or Windows? Where should I begin with? This killing dilemma is a big riddle. Now a days Windows is out of competition but still major players Android and IOS are to be dealt with. If we go with monetization and catching up US market IOS comes first, but when we dealt with global market Android is a major player. So we must plan things according to our targeted audience, to choose with the launching platform.

Too Many Features in Single Application:

To keep up with all the features of your website over your application won’t work. The more precise we are with the application, the more we can reach our targeted audience. This is the most common mistake which is usually encountered while developing the application. We must begin with the features which will target the exact needs of the user. Slowly, steadily we can increase the features with the updates which will be notified by the users and thus we can prospect and encounter major needs.

Mobile Experience as Downside web experience:

A mobile application is fundamentally different from a website. From user experience to size and functionality, we can’t embed all the features of website to application. Especially when we prospect with Ios development, Apple rejects most of the applications because of compatibility and UI issues. Website and mobile applications should might be same but their representation is surely different. Mobile Applications majorly focus on touch gestures, bread crumbs, easy navigation’s and point to point detailing. So we must keep in consideration the difference between websites and mobile applications.

Testing and Security Aspects:

Always try to be a beta tester of the application and try to make it tested by a layman group of people who are actually not developers or designers. This will help you to scale up your application in terms of a common user.
Next do not try to create your own logins or other general algorithms, better try to use the existing libraries as it is already being tested by the community and keep on updating which is obviously more secure than the algorithm tested by one.

Hope keeping these points may help you to avoid the generalized mistake of application development.

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